LINGL Jürgen

Jürgen Lingl, born in 1971 in Bad Tölz, Bavaria, Germany, is an artist and sculptor deeply inspired by nature and the animal kingdom. From a young age, he was enchanted by art, sketching and painting what he saw: animals, people, buildings, and landscapes. At the age of twenty, after graduating from the Josef-Effner Gymnasium in Dachau, Jürgen Lingl began exhibiting his work. His classical training allows him to seamlessly blend technical skills with creative freedom.

Jürgen Lingl primarily uses wood as the medium for his sculptures. He draws inspiration from nature and the material itself, finding in wood a unique texture, warmth, and organic form to explore. To shape the wood, Lingl wields a chainsaw, a tool he values for its power and versatility. With a chainsaw, he can quickly carve large pieces of wood and create detailed forms. The rough, artisanal nature of the chainsaw complements his expressive style and his love for natural materials.

Lingl’s sculptures, sometimes life-sized, are not only precise in their anatomical representation but also rich in texture, revealing the essence of the wood grain in each piece. His work captures the dynamism and spirit of the animal kingdom, with each piece radiating vitality and presence. In addition to his unique wooden sculptures, he also creates limited editions in bronze.

Through numerous international exhibitions, Jürgen Lingl’s work has garnered admiration from art collectors worldwide, cementing his place as a significant contemporary artist.


Jürgen Lingl buste of Panther wooden sculpture
Jürgen Lingl buste of lion bronze
Jürgen Lingl bronze sculpture lioness
Jürgen Lingl Pantera bronze sculpture
Jürgen Lingl Cheetah bronze sculpture
Jürgen Lingl Chouette Effraié bronze sculpture
Jürgen Lingl wooden sculpture chainsaw chat
Jürgen Lingl Buste de cheval bronze