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Jacques Owczarek (France 1961) is a self-taught artist. He discovers the art of sculpture at 30 and says to be truly born at that moment. Being a naturally gifted artist, he creates his pieces with extreme rigor and always strives for perfection. He never starts a piece with a precise idea of the animal that will be born.

His bronze sculptures consisted of dynamic and geometric lines oscillate between figuration and abstraction. Viewed from a single angle, it is impossible to imagine the shape they will take under another. A lot of sensitivity but also of humor emanate from these works which seem to be impregnated with the soul of their creator. Jacques Owczarek’s sculptures have traveled all over the world and have been exhibited in some of the most prestigious international exhibitions and fairs.

By creating his own, contemporary version of the animal sculpture, Jacques Owczarek has been able to breathe new life into the genre of animal bronze.