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Griet Van Malderen wildlife photographer
Griet Van Malderen wildlife photographer

Griet Van Malderen, wildlife photographer – °1970 Belgium

What could be more of a surprise than to come across a woman photographer loaded down with her cameras and lenses in the African savannah! After all, this profession is still dominated by men. Griet Van Malderen is an exception. And yet, nothing predestined her to practise her passion for more than a decade. This Belgian artist was not given photography as a gift, nor did she receive any theoretical training that might have shaped her way of working. Her budding talent has allowed her to produce work of the very highest standard since she first went to South Africa with her family. And it has shown absolute respect for her subjects. Not to mention passion and heart. Through her work she shows her commitment to respecting fauna and flora. Faced with mankind and the devastating consequences of his presence, placing the ecological balance in imminent danger.