Vincent Lagrange is a photographer who specialises in animal portraiture. He was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1988 as the son of Marc Lagrange.

Growing up in his father’s studio, he inherited a passion for portraiture and love of studio life. Through first-hand experiences of seeing techniques in action, he learned the creativity and skills required to turn dreams into reality. This pursuit of knowledge, professional study and practice is one that he’s followed throughout his life.

His work aims to capture an animal’s inner energy by building a relationship that’s based on trust, kindness, and openness. Lagrange Vincent has documented everything from dogs and cats to fish, turtles, birds, cheetahs, and many others. Whether it’s a beloved house pet, a rescue animal or a protected species in the wild, his work shows that every animal is worthy of respect.

Vincent’s on-going series of portraits, known as “BETWEEN US” is a  photographic series which captures the inherent humanity of animals and highlights their emotional depth and the beauty of Mother Nature. The photos offer a detailed, intimate look into the lives of these animals.

These photos not only reveal the striking similarities between animals and humans, but also remind us of the intense bonds we share with nature. Just like us, animals experience a range of emotions, form social bonds, and exist in a community. These images remind us that we are not alone on this planet, but rather closely interconnected with the animals around us.

The series not only showcases the beauty of nature, but also reminds us of the importance of conservation. The grandeur and majesty of the images inspire a sense of wonder and respect for nature, and a desire to protect and preserve it for future generations.”


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