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Lagrange marc

Marc Lagrange (Kinshasa, 1957 – Ténérife, 25 decembre 2015) ended his engineering career in the nineties to devote himself to his real passion : photography. He is now considered one of the most renowned photographers in Europe.

Filled with longing and sensuality, Marc Lagranges photographs celebrate fantasies and desire—placing beauty and dreams at the center of his world. Lagrange was born in Kinshasa, Congo, in 1957. His career path led him from engineering to photography, and his creativity from fashion to art. Privileging analog over digital, the Antwerp-based Belgian artist searches for intimacy and emotion as opposed to artificial effects. His giant Polaroids—which have been exhibited worldwide—are a powerful example of his craft as well as his attention to detail: he can display the texture of skin, highlight natural curves and make his models stand out. Lagrange elaborates entire sets until he finds the exact mood he wishes to convey, with the end goal being to create the images he wants. From the color of the walls to the shape of a chair, every single detail counts, underlining Lagranges perfectionist streak and his willingness to unfold narratives.

Throughout his career, Lagrange has photographed the same women over different periods of time, turning them into his muses. Individuals who pose in front of Lagranges lens end up spontaneously performing and revealing more about themselves than they perhaps intended to. One thing Lagrange respects is the mystery and power of women: even fully nude, his models are confident and in control; real protagonists as opposed to passive figures.