From post-war to modern art and from contemporary art to photography

Galerie Paul Janssen, founded by Sandy and Paul Janssen, spreads out over three levels, located in Rue de la Ponche, the heart of the ancient, historical part of Saint-Tropez in the South of France. The gallery has consistently dedicated exhibitions to artists already celebrated in the universe of art collectors but is also devoted to discovering new, unique talents and young, emerging artists.

Galerie Paul Janssen has realized a variety of intellectually driven and unconventional solo – and group exhibitions since its foundation in 2012, from post-war to modern art and from contemporary art to photography.


From July 27 to August 25, the ‘Jubilee’ exhibition honors a decade of creativity by Belgian artist Isabelle Scheltjens, renowned for her glass mosaic portraits. This exhibition is a tribute to her innovative techniques and artistic evolution over the years. Alongside a retrospective of her work, her latest project will be unveiled—a thrilling addition to her impressive oeuvre. Join us in celebrating the brilliance and vision of an artist who continually redefines the boundaries of her craft.