TRIP Hilde

In the serene landscape of the Drenthe countryside in northern Netherlands, the artistic universe of Hilde Trip unfolds. Born in 1980 and shaped by the influences of traditional Dutch flora, the exotic colors of Japan, and the urban dynamism of New York, Hilde Trip’s oeuvre can be described as ‘Natural Art’. Her work is an ode to nature in its most refined form. By transforming seeds, leaves, feathers, tree bark, and grasses into unique and one of a kind artworks, she captures and reimagines the essence of nature. Each composition, carefully arranged in patterns, reflects the cycles of the seasons and the rhythm of life itself.

Hilde’s art is imbued with a deep respect for the natural world. Growing up on her parents’ farm, where the rhythm of sowing, growing, and harvesting was a way of life, she developed an intimate connection with nature. This bond forms the core of her artistic vision. In her work, she finds peace and concentration, an almost meditative state in which she captures and preserves the fragile beauty of nature.

Each season brings new treasures: the delicate veins of autumn leaves, the fluffy down of feathers, the rough texture of tree bark, and the subtle green of young grasses. Hilde carefully collects these natural elements and transforms them into artworks that invite the viewer to see nature with new eyes. Her creations are not only aesthetically stunning but also evoke a sense of wonder and admiration. They demonstrate how the everyday can be elevated to something of another order without detracting from its pure essence.

Through her meticulous process, in which she explores and portrays the patterns and repetitions of nature, Hilde emphasizes the complexity and transience of life. Her artworks invite contemplation, appreciation of the subtleties, and the vulnerability of our natural environment. Her unique approach and deep connection to her natural materials make her an extraordinary artist, leading to her being awarded the 2023 Culture Prize by the municipality of Emmen in the Netherlands.

Hilde Trip’s work has resonated not only in the Netherlands but also internationally. From Dubai to New York, and from Germany to France, her art touches people and offers them a new perspective on nature.


Hilde Trip Colors in the Dark Rooster Feathers
Hilde Trip Color Lines Peacock Feathers
Hilde Trip Around The Tree Ginkgo Biloba Leaves
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