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TRIP Hilde

TRIP Hilde

Hilde Trip (The Netherlands, 1980), educated on the Dutch Floral Master Academy. After various internships and work experiences in Japan and New York, among others, Hilde Trip decides to focus on her own unique art.

For this artist, born in the rural countryside of The Netherlands and raised in het center of nature, nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and challenge. Her basic ingredients such as leaves, feathers, shells, seeds and branches are collected by herself throughout the seasons. She makes use of nature’s gifts by arranging and organizing them in unique, almost geometric patterns, in an extremely meticulous way and with an utmost eye for perfection. By repetition and rhythm of patterns, she catches the beauty, the vulnerability but also the transience of nature in an enduring artwork. This gives her work also a deeper awareness of the temporal existence. Hilde Trip’s unique view on the sources of nature, make of her a one-of-a-kind artist. She enables the viewer to look at and enjoy nature in a way never seen before! Her work evokes both tranquillity and dynamism, wonder and admiration…

In addition to the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium, Hilde Trip’s work is also intercontinental praised in Dubai, China and New York.


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