10 YEARS! 2012 – 2022

10 YEARS! 2012 - 2022

10 years ago, we opened the doors of our gallery under the church tower in Grimaud. We asked Marc Lagrange if he wanted to do the inauguration, and he didn’t hesitate for a moment. Although we were completely new as a gallery, Marc Lagrange put his unconditional trust in us. We will forever be grateful for this unique opportunity he granted us. However, the opening was not without a struggle. An exhibition of this nature, with the well-known erotic oeuvre of the grand master, had never seen in this little village and therefore provoked many reactions. In no time we were ‘the talk of the town’. No one could avoid noticing that Galerie Paul Janssen had settled in Grimaud. Although we should use our anniversary to celebrate what we achieved, this feels only like the beginning!