BOZON Jacqueline

Jacqueline Bozon (1966) grew up in the Netherlands. When she was a child she loved drawing, but the world of art seemed to exist in another sphere. Becoming an artist was an unrealistic career choice. As her father said, there was no future in that. So instead of being sent to art college, Jacqueline did teacher training, which she successfully completed in 1988. Even though she loved standing in front of a classroom, she couldn’t let go of her longing for creating art. She became increasingly enthusiastic and taught herself a range of techniques through which her artwork grew and took new turns. To develop these further, she enrolled herself in the Academy of Arts in Belgium.

Since then she has fully dedicated her time to painting, finding inspiration, learning and studying art.

Jacqueline Bozon uses all her experiences, encounters and observations in her work and converts them into a colorful interplay of lines. Color is her language, a universal language that can be easily understood, one that also has several translations. Just think of the color red; for one it stands for passion, love and warmth, for the other this color stands for fear and danger.

Her work is as mysterious as it is abstract. She paints from her feelings in a dialogue with the different materials she uses: acrylic and oil paint, plaster, silver foil, handmade paper from Nepal, sand and resin. During her travels, she is tremendously inspired by different cultures and perspectives on life, which she then transposes to the canvas.

The top layer, usually the first thing you see, is like the first impression when you meet someone. Enough for many. But if you take the time to look deeper, you will see the stratification and the artwork will slowly reveal itself.

“Art is to be seen without thinking, and to be created without thinking that it will be seen”. – Jacqueline Bozon –


Jacqueline Bozon acrylique sur toile