Isabelle Scheltjens

Isabelle Scheltjens: exhibition at Galerie PJ. 27.07.2024 > 25.08.2024

27.05.2024 > 25.08.2024 : NEW COLLECTION.

Celebrates 10 years of collaboration.
The exhibition ‘Jubilee’, from July 27 to August 25

Isabelle Scheltjens is a celebrated Belgian artist renowned for her innovative glass-composition portraits. Over the past decade, Galerie Paul Janssen has been a leading force in promoting her work, recognizing her unique talent and potential early on. This 10-year collaboration has seen Isabelle evolve into a world-renowned artist, celebrated for her meticulous and vibrant glass artworks.


The New Collection

To mark this milestone, Isabelle will unveil a series of new artworks, showcasing an evolution in her style. These pieces, never before seen, promise to push the boundaries of her medium further, offering fresh perspectives and innovative designs.

Artistic Journey and Technique

Educated at SISA, the Antwerp City Institute for Decorative Arts and Crafts, Isabelle was inspired by her husband, glass designer Dirk Neefs, to explore the medium of glass. She developed a distinctive glass-fusing technique where pieces of glass in various colors, sizes, and textures are melted together at approximately 800°C. This method allows her to create intricate, multi-layered compositions that reveal detailed portraits when viewed from a distance, much like the pointillist paintings of the 19th century​.

Her ability to create depth and texture with glass results in lifelike portraits that capture the essence of her subjects. These pieces invite viewers to engage with them, transforming abstract arrangements of color into cohesive, detailed images from a distance.