Robert Combas (born 1957 in Lyon) is a French painter and sculptor, who currently lives and works in Paris. His studio is located at Ivry Sur Seine, in about 20 minutes distance to downtown Paris.

In the early 1980s, he became renowned for his figurative art, performed in bright colors and an extraordinarily expressive style. Ever since 1981, he has been classified among “Figuration libre” along with artists such like Rémy Blanchard, François Boisrond, and Hervé di Rosa. These artists refer to trivial phenomena and subjects such as cartoons, TV series, and screen advertising. Robert Combas attended the Academy of St. Etienne with Hervé di Rosa, where the two of them published a magazine called BATO and performed shows with their own rock band. Their shows are characterized by resistance against intellectualism in arts and the desire for handling the paintbrush “with joy”.

In bright colors with dark contours, Combas paints the world that moves him: cartoons, images from TV series, war scenes, and characters within the rock music business. All of it is presented in a cheerful atmosphere – consequentially, he describes his own works as “entertaining and relaxing” art.