The Painters Project by Eric Ceccarini

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The Painters Project …
… a meeting between a painter, a model, and the photographer


Extensive, both in time and scope; “The Painters Project” is an ongoing collection of collaborations with painters to whom Eric offers as a canvas some of the very best models he has enjoyed working with during his career.

For a number of these artists, the project offers them a step in the dark, an escape into unknown territory. they must settle into a new environment with an unfamiliar light, unusual shadows and highlights, and a canvas that is not only three-dimensional but alive, breathing, and sentient. movements and poses influence their strokes, they must discover, adapt, and ultimately tame this canvas with their brush. together, the body and the art become one to achieve the sublime.

To blend the often-distinct viewpoints of different disciplines and work together; to mix various instruments, tools, and angles is an uncommon, yet extremely rewarding and exciting approach, but also contrary to the eternal solitude of the artist, a commonly echoed mantra in the art sphere.

This unorthodox partnership gives birth to wonderful and often surprising creations. Magic succeeds when the ephemeral and volatile nature of paint on the human skin is forever captured through the lens and immortalised onto the image.

More than hundred meetings have already taken place with artists from the UK, Uruguay, Mauritius, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, the US, China, Venezuela, Russia and many other countries all across the globe.

Each meeting is a blank canvas, ready to be filled with artistic surprises, captured in a photo in which Eric masterfully encapsulates women’s essence and soul, transcending mere physical representation.