VAN GELE Philippe


Philippe Van Gele was born is Ghent, Belgium, in 1979 and he has lived and worked in the area ever since.

Despite being a young and upcoming artist, Philippe VAN GELE has a unique and powerful style.
Although you would rather call Van Gele’s work abstract impressionistic, you also see influences from abstract expressionism.
His works are mostly abstract landscapes that at the same time often evoke a realistic representation of the reality of foreign and mythical places.
Even an abstract painting is immediately full of meaning when VAN GELE gives it a powerful title.

When it comes to techniques, VAN GELE mainly uses acrylic paint that is built up layer by layer. The paint is worked on for a long time, applied and scraped or scratched to produce a blurry but powerful effect. His works are lyrical and colorful in a way that is not flashy, but rather surprisingly soft and peaceful, giving them an aura of mystery.

Though still young, Van Gele has already participated in international solo or group shows over the recent years. His works have been positively received by the public mostly because they demand of the viewer an active participation and a special type of engagement: it is only in this interaction that they find their meaning.