VLEUGELS Christiane


Christiane Vleugels’ work can be characterized as Photorealisme/Hyperrealisme, but if you look closer you realize there is much more. Not only a lot of love for the subject, but also the feel of an ethereal atmosphere that exudes dramatic beauty and glamour.

Christiane Vleugels began painting at the age of 12 years and became a professional painter at the age of 17.

After completing 2 years at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, she moved to Germany where she had several exhibitions. Some of her work went abroad including Egypt and UK.

Back in Belgium, many years followed with commissioned work including numerous reproductions. That explains Christiane’s extreme skills nowadays, where she creates stunning art right from the heart.

Many of her older works were sold in Taiwan where there is much respect for the Realism genre.

After that her art has evolved in time from romantic portraits to a more playful approach with new painting techniques and experiments with inverted colors. Although she still sees portraits as her main subject, she tries to captivate her audience more and more with exuberant colours and expressions.

Christiane’s latest works and exhibitions are becoming more thematic. Her eagerness to surprise the public results in a never ending search for new ideas and inspirations which present more surprising elements in her art.