Carine Van Gerven is a Belgian art photographer. Eye-catching creativity is the theme throughout her artistic life.

After secondary school in art she continued her studies of painting and monumental art of painting at the vocational college ‘Provinciaal Hoger Kunstinstituut’ in Hasselt (Belgium). She graduated with honour for her thesis, a large mural, and was appointed teacher in art education.

Teaching enabled her to indulge in image and photo editing software applications. Photography had been a passion her whole life but at that point she discovered a fantastic combination of digital photography and graphic design and was fascinated by it. The discovery of advanced printing techniques opened new perspectives for her.

The biggest challenge for her will always be the perfected technical control of light – a challenge she does not avoid. Carine links possibilities of modern photography to her education of painting resulting in a painting of light in front of the camera. She was awarded the qualification ‘The European Photographer’ and was selected three times for participating in the World Photographic Cup.

Each of her photographic compositions hold an intimate and timeless history filled with symbolism.