SHANGTI Philippe


Described by some as the modern day Guy Bourdin for his avant-garde and daring style, Philippe Shangti (France 1986) aims to break down taboos and give us an insight as to what he would call his ‘crazy and sometimes disturbing world’.

Aimed to provoke unexpected emotion in it’s audience, Philippe Shangti’s photographs offers a fascinating visual cocktail of drugs, sex and death, immersed in provocative colour. The flawless detail and humourous undertones of the pieces makes Philippe’s work instantly recognisable and has made him a favourite amongst contemporary art collectors and celebrities alike – Eva Longoria and Tony Parker both own pieces by the rising artist.

Originally from Toulouse, Philippe started photography at the age of fourteen. Now living in Saint-Tropez where he manages ‘The Quai’, creating one of the area’s most infamous evenings.

It’s first the shock of the photos, then the surprise of the controversial themes that captivates the eye. After the surprise, various details unveil themselves…his pieces are like watching a movie in seductive technicolour!

The “NO POLLUTION HERE” series is the Philippe Shangti’s strong message that we must protect our planet, our oceans… A critical issue highlighted through the artist’s provocative glamour approach, now widely featured in the international art market.