Anthony Alberti, alias Mr OneTeas, born in Nice in 1984, is open to painting on a street corner.
He first started out with graffiti. Self-taught, he developed his artistic skills through travel, meetings and exchanges while leaving his mark on the streets of major international cities.

A multifaceted artist, his evolution has allowed him to distinguish himself through exhibitions of his paintings, installations and performances. Over the years, Mr OneTeas has become a true ambassador of recycling by giving new life to obsolete consumable materials and objects.

“The importance of the medium is paramount. We are nothing without history; these objects and materials are part of our integral development, then they go out of style and fall into oblivion.”

To expose an increasingly proliferation of consumption, he gathers and transforms it to convey his messages.

Consumed by the desire to create, he draws his inspiration from a media-centered, political and cultural environment. Distorting images and current events to serve his art, Mr OneTeas offers us his critical view of society tinged with humor and originality.

Anthony Alberti is one of those people you would love to spend time with. And this artist “who loves people” and does not hide it, manages, through his words and works, to touch you profoundly, like an arrow making contact with its target.