Jeff Koons, born on  January 21, 1955 in York, Pennsylvania – United States, is one of the most recognized and sought-out contemporary artists.

After studying at the Maryland Institute College of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago, Koons moved to New York in 1976.
He currently resides and works in both New York City and his hometown of York, Pennsylvania.

Acclaimed worldwide for his monumental sculptures, he has often been rewarded and renowned for his cultural works of art.

He appropriates objects and tries to understand why and how consumer goods can be glorified. Throughout his career he has used a variety of popular items, first vacuum cleaners and household appliances encased in Plexiglas boxes and illuminated in neon. then basketballs suspended in aquariums, then Rococo knickknacks, flea market souvenirs, and finally toys and other items that are closely associated with childhood.

His Inflatable Rabbit, an inflatable rabbit made ​​of stainless steel in 1986, and Balloon Dogs are now recognized by serious collectors.

Jeff Koons’ art can be regarded as the point of contact between several concepts: Marcel Duchamp’s ready-made items, Claes Oldenburg’s objects depicting the excess of daily life, Arman’s appropriation of the object over man, and ,the pop art of Andy Warhol; artistic craftsmanship and popular imagery. The iconography he uses is a catalog of pop culture not only for the U.S. but also the rest of the world.