BOËL Delphine


Delphine Boël is an Anglo-Belgian artist and was born in 1968 in Uccle in Belgium. She studied art at the Chelsea School of Art and Design in London where she grew up and worked as an artist until she moved to Brussels in 2003 to set up a new studio.

Even though she has lived the majority of her life in London, her spirit remains typically Belgian: “la joie de vivre”, not taking oneself too seriously and individualistic.

Delphine has earned a voice in the European art world as a non-conformist statement artist and colorist. She is known for creating multi-media artworks overflowing with color, texture, and humor that address universal and personal themes.

From painting, video, neon sculpture and brass design pieces, her artworks are vibrant and playful.

Issues of identity, luxury, reputation, privilege and royalty often clearly inspire Delphine’s work.

“My work is happy sadness”, says Delphine Boël. “I transform unfortunate experiences and events that hurt me and make them into something positive;”

Her explicit use of words and language make her messages very straightforward, while her use of color and composition leaves space for whimsy and irony. Delphine describes her work as an allergic reaction to the power of gossip, rumors and “blabla small talk” in general.