Named Armand Pierre Fernandez in full, Arman (born 1928 in Nice, France and deceased 2005 in New York, USA) initially signed his works with his first name “Armand”. In late 1957, he decided to change his name to “Arman”.

Arman’s father – Spanish-born Antonio Fernandez, antiquities dealer in Nice – was an amateur painter, photographer, and musician (cello), too. He taught Arman in painting and photography. In between 1959 and 1962, Arman developed his unique style by creating two new concepts: “Accumulation” and “Poubelle”, which both enjoyed a high level of public interest. Accumulation – also known as “akkumulatie” – was an assemblage of large numbers of simple, knowable, and identical items in polyester or plexiglass casings. A “poubelle” is an assemblage of dumped trash.

In October 1960, Arman was heavily engaged in the establishment of artist group “Nouveau Réalisme”, which was later also joined by César, Niki de Saint Phalle, and Christo