Hyperrealism Exhibition

Hard to believe these are paintings and not photos!

Group Exhibition till 30th of September, 7/7 from 15.00 > 20.00

With artworks by


Summer Vibes Exhibition

Isabelle SCHELTJENS’  portraits in glass are mesmerizing!

Up close we see an abstract image, seemingly unfinished – a captivating combination of bright colours. However, when viewed at a distance, our eyes fuse the individual pieces of glass into one solid portrait. The time-consuming and laborious technique is the antithesis to the frantic pace of life in a ‘disposable’ society.

Isabelle achieves striking optical effects with her technique: she captures the dance of light and colour in a way a photograph transforms it into a black & white, or sometimes a colourful, portrait – the fascinating result of a process which relies on the perceptive ability of the viewer’s eye and mind.

Exhibition till 31st of October